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Noopept-Choline Complex Capsules

Noopept-Choline Complex Capsules

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20 mg Noopept + 180 mg Choline 

  • Powerful Cholinergic Nootropic
  • Stacked with Choline Bitartrate
  • No Binders or Fillers
  • Vegetarian Capsules

General Info

Noopept stimulates the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that are known to boost brain power when it comes to learning and memory. This is one of the reasons for which noopept is most sought-after. According to research and reviews, Noopept dramatically improves performance in all three areas of memory including formation, retrieval and restoration. When taking noopept, you will find it easier to recall new concepts learned as well as make associations with different concepts on several levels at once. If you often find yourself forgetting new information very shortly after hearing it for the first time, this supplement can boost levels of the Acetylcholine neurochemical which transmits signals between your different neurons. This results in better synapse plasticity which means your brain can form more connections and also improve reasoning and problem solving skills.




  • Powerful Racetam
  • Boosts Acetylcholine production
  • The best Nootropic for creating and recalling memories, and learning. 
  • Increases Neuron Growth
  • Neuroprotective - helps restore damaged parts of the brain



Noopept also results in increased levels of the proteins Nerve Growth Factor and Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. Both of these proteins are integral to neuroplasticity and play a role in how well your brain can learn and adapt to new information. Think of these two proteins as the lifeblood for your neurons and brain cells. With higher levels of these proteins, your brain cells will be kept in better health. That means better memory retention, better processing, better concentration, improved spatial reasoning, alertness, and even improved vision. Furthermore, because noopept is regarded as highly safe at recommended dosages, you can take it for prolonged periods to get full benefits and keep your brain as healthy as possible.



Noopept is often used alone, but it is best to stack it with a choline source such as Alpha GPC. Our Noopept capsules are conveniently stacked with choline bitartrate so the user can avoid buying a choline source separately. Some users choose to stack Noopept with a racetam or similar nootropics. However, please note that there have been some reports of rare allergic reactions to Noopept, so it is necessary to carefully monitor for this before using regularly.


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