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Recommended Dosage: 750-1500mg
Directions: Aniracetam is fat soluble. Do not use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding.

General Info

Aniracetam  is considered a fairly safe and low toxicity substance to improve cognition and memory or reduce anxiety symptoms. Like other racetams, it can have an added benefit of reducing free radicals and oxidative stress in the brain which can lead to degenerative diseases and neurological complications. It should not be used as a main line of defence or treatment for degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia but may have merit in reducing some of the symptoms associated. Below, are some of the common observed benefits of Aniracetam. Results may vary.



  • Improved Memory
  • Increased Learning Ability
  • Improved Cognitive Processing
  • Heightened Reflexes
  • Heightened Perception
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Reduced Depression



Positive effects of this supplement include increases in cognitive abilities and functioning. For starters, many users report an increase in their memory along with faster recall ability. The ability to learn is also enhanced. One of the most interesting benefits of Aniracetam is a significant improvement verbal and linguistic ability. Additionally, many users indicate that they experience improved mental energy, clarity, and a stronger ability to concentrate and focus. This makes this nootropic one of the best to take if you need help or support with a presentation, interview, or writing/speaking based task or assignment.

The supplement also works as an anxiolytic, meaning that it can possibly help to reduce the levels of anxiety you may be experiencing. Researchers have also noticed the potential for this supplement to help with the symptoms and conditions related to depression and even degenerative cognitive decline such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists think that the primary reason for these effects is due to Aniracetam acting upon and modulating serotonin and dopamine receptors within the brain. These are thought to be the main locations which influence mood and anxiety issues.

Depending on the person, this supplement may be either stimulating or mildly calming. Of course, this really depends upon the body chemistry of each user. Either way, you are likely to get some very strong benefits whether you are specifically looking for cognitive or anti-anxiety related benefits.


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