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About Us

I am founder and CEO of NuSups LLC. I started taking Nootropics in highschool to boost my performance. After joining the military I needed them more and more. So with years of experience with using and sampling different nootropics, I finally can take my expertise and help YOU make the right choice.


Something about NuSups LLC - We could sell any supplement that says it MIGHT work. But that isn't NuSups. We sell the very very best. The best supplements that actually produce a noticeable effect. Imagine if you took a multi-vitamin, if I asked you if you took it (assuming you couldn't remember) you couldn't tell me if you did or didnt. There is no noticeable effect that you can see. 


Well, NuSups are different. These all produce a profound effect on your intelligence and cognitive performance. If asked, you could reply with a confident "YES I took my NuSups this morning! I can tell I'm working at a higher level!"


And that is what we try to sell here. Confidence. Confidence in NuSups, to provide you with a supplement that actually benefits you, and your everyday life.