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Recommended Dosage: 100-300mg
Directions: Adrafinil is soluble in ethanol. Do not use if you are pregnant/breastfeeding. Adrafinil has some safety warnings. Please see below




The effects of this drug on the brain all revolve around regulating several different chemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters within the brain. Many of the cognitive benefits produced are thought to be the result of Adrafinil stimulating and binding to Glutamate receptors. This helps to prevent the breakdown of this neurotransmitter that is involved in the development of memory and other cognitive processes. Adrafinil also helps to increase the effectiveness of Dopamine. With more Dopamine circulating around in the brain, this may also lead to an increase in the production of Serotonin. Both of these have significant effects on mood, stress, and anxiety levels.

This supplement is also thought to increase the production or presence of Hypocretin, another powerful neurotransmitter which helps to control how awake and alert a person feels. As the level of this chemical is increased, it also leads to increased production of Histamine and Catecholamines like Norepinephrine. These brain chemicals all are well established as having a direct effect on energy levels. Norepinephrine in particular is very similar to adrenaline and is quite instrumental in improving focus. The adrenergic system in general is activated in times of high risk or stress to dramatically increase alertness and concentration, similar to the experience of an adrenalin rush. By artificially stimulating this system, Adrafinil can therefore give you massive amounts of energy, productiveness and drive.



Side Effects


While most Nootropic supplements are very well-tolerated and non-toxic, Adrafinil does carry the risk of some side effects. Most of these will not present themselves except at high doses, but users should still be well informed in an effort to make the best decision. This supplement is not known for causing stimulant like side effects such as increased blood pressure and heart problems but it is possible, especially in those users with preexisting conditions. This risk may be exacerbated if you take an excessive dosage of Adrafinil which is why following proper usage guidelines is very important with this highly concentrated substance. Also, it would not be a good idea to combine this supplement with other known stimulants like Adderall and caffeine. You should speak to a doctor before you start taking this drug to make sure you do not have a current heath condition or medication that may interfere with the effects of Adrafinil.

There have also been a number of relatively mild side effects reported to result from Adrafinil use. These include headache, dizziness, nausea, and stomach discomfort. Most of the time, these occur only when the supplement is used in high doses. Headaches are normally solved by taking a Choline supplement such as Alpha GPC. The others should be dealt with by reducing the dosage and possibly taking a short break from the supplement. If these symptoms persist, you may want to try a different nootropic supplement or stack in the place of Adrafinil.

The most serious Adrafinil side effects involve potential liver issues. There is some liver toxicity due to the fact that the supplement actually breaks down and is converted to Modafanil, a powerful stimulant, in the liver. This raises some liver enzymes which can potentially become harmful over an extended period of time. For these reasons, it is not recommended to mix this supplement with other drugs or alcohol. Having said all this, the risk of liver problems is equal to a frequent aspirin or Tylenol user, which can also raise enzyme levels.

Other risks of taking Adrafinil include Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, DRESS syndrome and Stevens-Johnson Syndrome all of which involve skin conditions. These symptoms are recorded in a very small number of cases among Modafinil users and are therefore predicted to be possible if you are using Adrafinil. While the risk may be small, it is important that you speak to a medical professional to understand these conditions and make sure that you can recognize the signs before they develop. It is always best to be precautious and for this reason you may not want to continue using Adrafinil for long periods of time. Occasional usage will likely reduce some of this risk.


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